fyi - this branch looks pretty good -- on our end all execution tests
and valgrind exits cleanly, but memstats does not exit cleanly (see
below).  I suspect this has to do with order of cleanup and nothing
substantive as valgrind is clean.

Nice to (almost) have a new stable master!



 Leaked type: Temporary memory : 92 blocks  
 Leaked type: Temporary memory : 1 blocks  
 Leaked type: Temporary memory : 91 blocks   
 Leaked type: Temporary memory : 66 blocks   

On 9/13/2016 5:54 AM, wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> I've got a head of commits that pass your CI (tested via the auto-merge 
> feature) at:
> It's 173 commits odd. Including a CVE fix for an issue with MRT dumping 
> that can lead to an ABRT.
> I believe you wanted to do a final full compliance run, before 
> integration to master. After which we can do a release, and attack the 
> next set of patches (which may also be a larger set than ideal, cause of 
> the length of r8, but still more manageable - so we should converge on a 
> more sane, faster turn-around on these soon).
> regards,

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