On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 6:00:15 PM UTC+1, Ivan Mitev wrote:
> > Also it seems like some functions "might (maybe)" work as intended, for 
> > example I can copy files between VM's and Win7, on a Win7 that was 
> > installed on Qubes 3.2., but backup restored on Qubes 4. Others seem like 
> > they can do this too. Also it seems it's a common problem not to be 
> > internet in the restored Q3.2-Win7, perhaps the code is different in 
> > regards to how it ties networking with Qubes 4? I have no idea about the 
> > rest of the mechanics from a users perspective though, and most certainly 
> > not as a developer as I unfortunately don't have such skills, I wish I 
> > could help more.
> I just spent a bit of time restoring my windows VM from 3.2, here are a 
> few notes that might be helpful to work around some bugs that you're 
> probably hitting too (I haven't filed any issues yet):
> - PVH/HVM: in the VM's settings gui, PVH is always displayed whatever 
> the real pref value. -> use qvm-prefs vmname virt_mode to make sure 
> you're really in HVM mode.
> - Networking: the PV network adapter was stuck at "Identifying" ; 
> pinging an *ip* works but ping a host fails. tcpdump on sys-firewall 
> shows that the requests were sent to the gateway's ip and were rejected.
> The reason seems to be that in R4.0 VMs are now using the exposed 
> "/qubes-{primary,secondary}-dns" values, while in R3.2 the DNS server 
> was the same as "/qubes-gateway" (see [1]). In my setup, 
> "/qubes-{primary,secondary}-dns" are 10.139.1.{1,2} and /qubes-gateway 
> is DNS requests are rejected because they're sent to 
> instead of 10.139.1.{1,2}
> workaround 1-> manually set the DNS servers to 
> /qubes-{primary,secondary}-dns ips. Ping and Internet Explorer worked, 
> but the PV adapter was still suck at "identifying" and my Amazon Kindle 
> for PC app complained about finding no network (it seems there's a 
> windows "connectivity" API/flag that some apps use). However you will 
> have to do this each time after boot since Qubes tools will reset the 
> network settings.
> workaround 2-> in Program Files/Invisible.../Qubes.../bin/..., rename 
> network-setup.exe to network-setup.exe.bkp to prevent Qubes tools from 
> messing with your network settings, and manually set the VM's IP and DNS 
> servers in the PV adapter network setting. Everything should then work 
> OK, the only problem being that you'll have to make sure you keep your 
> network settings synced (esp. the IP when you clone the VM).
> - Copying to/from the Win VM: works perfectly - you just have to type 
> twice the destination VM (once in Windows, once in Qubes/dom0), since 
> Qubes Tools aren't updated to reflect R4.0 new "way".
> note: before finding what was causing the connectivity problem I tried 
> to update xen's windows PV drivers [2] but it broke the VM (ie. it 
> wasn't starting anymore) so I had to restore it again. Anyway IIRC R3.2 
> Qubes Tool's drivers were at the same version as Xen's (8.2), so no need 
> to fiddle with this.
> I was thinking about posting those steps on qubes-users@ but I don't 
> feel I had done enough testing on my VM yet. I see you're quite active 
> on qubes-users so feel free to redact/post some of my remarks if you 
> think they'll help.
> [ an unofficial wiki would be a helpful bridge between the MLs and 
> Qubes' official documentation: it's difficult to skim through all the 
> related ML posts and IMO Qubes' official documentation shouldn't include 
> crappy workaround hacks like the ones I've described above ].
> [1] https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/vm-interface/
> [2] https://www.xenproject.org/developers/teams/windows-pv-drivers.html

Thanks Evan! This really looks promising, I will go and try it out tomorrow if 
I can scrap some free-time to try it out. I'll post here the moment I've tried 
it, hopefully I can get the internet working.

It's also very ensuring to hear that it's safe to copy files between Win7 and 
other VM's. I was a bit stressed out over this one due to worry of bit-rot.

I'll get back to you when I've tried this out, thanks!

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