On 02/04/18 19:26, Yuraeitha wrote:
On Sunday, February 4, 2018 at 6:00:15 PM UTC+1, Ivan Mitev wrote:
Also it seems like some functions "might (maybe)" work as intended, for example 
I can copy files between VM's and Win7, on a Win7 that was installed on Qubes 3.2., but 
backup restored on Qubes 4. Others seem like they can do this too. Also it seems it's a 
common problem not to be internet in the restored Q3.2-Win7, perhaps the code is 
different in regards to how it ties networking with Qubes 4? I have no idea about the 
rest of the mechanics from a users perspective though, and most certainly not as a 
developer as I unfortunately don't have such skills, I wish I could help more.

I just spent a bit of time restoring my windows VM from 3.2, here are a
few notes that might be helpful to work around some bugs that you're
probably hitting too (I haven't filed any issues yet):

- PVH/HVM: in the VM's settings gui, PVH is always displayed whatever
the real pref value. -> use qvm-prefs vmname virt_mode to make sure
you're really in HVM mode.

- Networking: the PV network adapter was stuck at "Identifying" ;
pinging an *ip* works but ping a host fails. tcpdump on sys-firewall
shows that the requests were sent to the gateway's ip and were rejected.
The reason seems to be that in R4.0 VMs are now using the exposed
"/qubes-{primary,secondary}-dns" values, while in R3.2 the DNS server
was the same as "/qubes-gateway" (see [1]). In my setup,
"/qubes-{primary,secondary}-dns" are 10.139.1.{1,2} and /qubes-gateway
is DNS requests are rejected because they're sent to instead of 10.139.1.{1,2}

workaround 1-> manually set the DNS servers to
/qubes-{primary,secondary}-dns ips. Ping and Internet Explorer worked,
but the PV adapter was still suck at "identifying" and my Amazon Kindle
for PC app complained about finding no network (it seems there's a
windows "connectivity" API/flag that some apps use). However you will
have to do this each time after boot since Qubes tools will reset the
network settings.

workaround 2-> in Program Files/Invisible.../Qubes.../bin/..., rename
network-setup.exe to network-setup.exe.bkp to prevent Qubes tools from
messing with your network settings, and manually set the VM's IP and DNS
servers in the PV adapter network setting. Everything should then work
OK, the only problem being that you'll have to make sure you keep your
network settings synced (esp. the IP when you clone the VM).

- Copying to/from the Win VM: works perfectly - you just have to type
twice the destination VM (once in Windows, once in Qubes/dom0), since
Qubes Tools aren't updated to reflect R4.0 new "way".

note: before finding what was causing the connectivity problem I tried
to update xen's windows PV drivers [2] but it broke the VM (ie. it
wasn't starting anymore) so I had to restore it again. Anyway IIRC R3.2
Qubes Tool's drivers were at the same version as Xen's (8.2), so no need
to fiddle with this.

I was thinking about posting those steps on qubes-users@ but I don't
feel I had done enough testing on my VM yet. I see you're quite active
on qubes-users so feel free to redact/post some of my remarks if you
think they'll help.

[ an unofficial wiki would be a helpful bridge between the MLs and
Qubes' official documentation: it's difficult to skim through all the
related ML posts and IMO Qubes' official documentation shouldn't include
crappy workaround hacks like the ones I've described above ].

[1] https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/vm-interface/
[2] https://www.xenproject.org/developers/teams/windows-pv-drivers.html


Ivan :)

Thanks Evan! This really looks promising, I will go and try it out tomorrow if 
I can scrap some free-time to try it out. I'll post here the moment I've tried 
it, hopefully I can get the internet working.

BTW I assumed there was a single "Qubes Tools" service responsible for setting the network, launching qubesdb daemon, ..., but I noticed a bit after my post that each task was handled by a different service. So you can simply disable the "Qubes Network Setup" service instead of renaming the .exe



indeed shows that qubesGateway (/qubes-gateway) is used for DNS (line 287). The code is easy to understand and adding the new DNS variables, + setting the servers accordingly (if the variables aren't empty) should be straightforward. I don't have a Windows build environment to test any changes though.

It's also very ensuring to hear that it's safe to copy files between Win7 and 
other VM's. I was a bit stressed out over this one due to worry of bit-rot.

Well, it is working but I can't say how safe it is. But I imagine that R4.0 would disable such copy operations if they were deemed unsafe.

I'll get back to you when I've tried this out, thanks!

OK :)

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