On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 9:26:42 AM UTC+1, Elias Mårtenson wrote:
> On 22 Feb 2018 4:24 pm, "Yuraeitha" <yura...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Guess I'll draw the long straw, and just get rid of RC-3 and install RC-4 
> without confirmation whether it'd any good to do so. I'll probably never find 
> out the reason, but it's starting to make me a bit uneasy whether it could 
> have been due to Qubes RC-3 or not.
> I wouldn't bet on it. My system is based on rc4. My colleague who installed 
> rc3 did not have the problem. 
> Regards,
> Elias 

While my qvm-copy issue is gone, what triggered the issue for me isn't, and by 
the looks of it, it looks like it could happen for another future update again, 
if it hasn't already happened in the past without showing signs of it. I 
believe this may be the reason the qvm-copy issue happend to me, although I 
can't be sure yet. There is also a chance it was the same that happened to you? 
But either way, this is what frequently happens on my setup, I started noticing 
it the last 14 days or so.

Below is a recent example of the template's terminal output when it happens. I 
did the update after work followed up with sleeping, so I'm sure it was well 
beyond the default 6 hours for saving cache on repository updates.

This also happened on the second template (fedora-26-apps), and not on the 
first template I ran the update (fedora-26). Could this be because the updates 
are handled in the same place and the cache wasn't cleared? It seems likely to 
be a legit explanation, although remains to be confirmed.

There is also the issue I have with PGP checks, where I have to restart 
sys-net/sys-firewall to get proper PGP checks on updates.

All these seem to be connected to each others. Cache doesn't seem to be cleared 
properly where Qubes handles the updates. I'm not sure if that is actually the 
explanation for the behavior though. It looks like this.

This is from the latest update, the cache issue happens quite frequently 
despite the 6 hour window.

[user@fedora-26-apps ~]$ sudo dnf update --enablerepo=qubes-vm-*-current-testing
Fedora 26 - x86_64 - Updates                    2.3 MB/s |  20 MB     00:08    
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:12 ago on Feb 
Dependencies resolved.
Nothing to do.
[user@fedora-26-apps ~]$ sudo dnf clean all
44 files removed
[user@fedora-26-apps ~]$ sudo dnf update --enablerepo=qubes-vm-*-current-testing
Fedora 26 - x86_64 - Updates                    2.2 MB/s |  20 MB     00:09    
Fedora 26 - x86_64                              2.5 MB/s |  53 MB     00:21    
Qubes OS Repository for VM (updates)            106 kB/s |  55 kB     00:00    
Qubes OS Repository for VM (updates-testing)    291 kB/s | 182 kB     00:00    
RPM Fusion for Fedora 26 - Free                 1.0 MB/s | 519 kB     00:00    
RPM Fusion for Fedora 26 - Nonfree              322 kB/s | 158 kB     00:00    
Last metadata expiration check: 0:00:00 ago on Feb 
Dependencies resolved.
 Package               Arch   Version       Repository                     Size
                       x86_64 4.0.23-1.fc26 qubes-vm-r4.0-current-testing 8.9 k
 qubes-core-agent      x86_64 4.0.23-1.fc26 qubes-vm-r4.0-current-testing 107 k
                       x86_64 4.0.23-1.fc26 qubes-vm-r4.0-current-testing 8.3 k
                       x86_64 4.0.23-1.fc26 qubes-vm-r4.0-current-testing  11 k
                       x86_64 4.0.23-1.fc26 qubes-vm-r4.0-current-testing 9.3 k
                       x86_64 4.0.23-1.fc26 qubes-vm-r4.0-current-testing  17 k
                       x86_64 4.0.23-1.fc26 qubes-vm-r4.0-current-testing 8.5 k
                       x86_64 4.0.23-1.fc26 qubes-vm-r4.0-current-testing  30 k
                       x86_64 4.0.23-1.fc26 qubes-vm-r4.0-current-testing  22 k

Transaction Summary
Upgrade  9 Packages

Total download size: 222 k
Is this ok [y/N]:

As it can be seen, in the first update it only checks the fedora repository, 
and no other repositories.
I haven't observed the details yet, for example I'm not sure if it sometimes 
includes Qubes repository, but not the Qubes current-testing repository. I'm 
not sure if it's a all or nothing situation, or if it can be "mixed", for 
example if current-testing isn't included despite the 
--enablerepo=qubes-vm-*-current-testing flag. For now though, I just know it's 
at least an all or nothing issue, whether it can be mixed is too early to tell.

At this point I might just re-install, unless it can be fixed. But it seems 
something is fundamentally broken, it seems safer to get a clean re-install. 
But I wonder if this could have explained the qvm-copy issue.

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