On Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 9:26:42 AM UTC+1, Elias Mårtenson wrote:
> On 22 Feb 2018 4:24 pm, "Yuraeitha" <yura...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Guess I'll draw the long straw, and just get rid of RC-3 and install RC-4 
> without confirmation whether it'd any good to do so. I'll probably never find 
> out the reason, but it's starting to make me a bit uneasy whether it could 
> have been due to Qubes RC-3 or not.
> I wouldn't bet on it. My system is based on rc4. My colleague who installed 
> rc3 did not have the problem. 
> Regards,
> Elias 

GPG*, I mixed that acronym up with PGP in the above post.

It should also be noted that fedora-26-apps is the only AppVM I have 
RPM Fusion for Fedora 26 - Free 
RPM Fusion for Fedora 26 - Nonfree
enabled, which further deepens the mystery. If the cache isn't cleared from the 
earlier fedora-26 update just before updating fedora-26-apps, then why wasn't 
RPM Fusion repositories checked on the first update run in fedora-26-apps?

It still seems to be a cache issue in the shared Qubes template update 
mechanism (and it also sometimes affects dom0 update as well). But it may be 
important to include that that RPM Fusion did not update, despite no other RPM 
update had been run within the 6 hour window, although fedora/qubes updates had 
been run minutes before the issue.

Also this only happens to fedora, I've never encountered the issue on the 
debian template. I also only have one debian template, not 3 (dom0, fedora-26, 
and fedora-26-apps). 

Putting it short, it seems whenever recent version of Qubes 4 update with 
multiple of the same architectures (fedora-26), it has cache issues. At the 
very least this happens on my Qubes system, I've not yet seen others report 
this. Could it be a unique issue?

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