I would love as well to be able to host a website to share my interest for 
Qubes OS with the world, or at least with people of my country sharing my own 
language if you don't mind, because Qubes OS documentation looks like imo being 
written mostly by native english users that don't seem to care much for 
non-native english users being lost. I would this way really like to 
participate to some translation effort, as I don't necessarily think you can 
enter easily those quite complicated notions with your non-native language.
Qubes documentation being largely a volonteer effort doesn't make it immune to 
the critics, and mine is that people spending this valuable time to share their 
knowledge to make people enter quite long and complicated procedures should 
consider that :
1) Explaining how to do port forwarding without adressing or refering to basic 
knowledge upon this concept leads to frustration, as you necessarily need to 
understand a bit what's going on in order to adapt the procedures.
2) Even if I think people mostly appreciate and are thankful to the Qubes 
community developpment for the incredible security improvement Qubes OS brings 
to everyone and that makes Qubes OS probably the best OS I know so far, when 
security isolation somehow puts you in cage where you encounter difficulties to 
communicate with rest of the world, well that's not the goal per se :p

But no problem, thank you for your help. I hope someone might give me some 
advices on this problem, but I am already trying to learn on iptables, as it 
looks like you can't unblock ports using only Qubes firewall, you have to 
understand these iptables scripts ^^

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