> I've finally got Qubes set up in a way I'm comfortable working every day.
> Now I wanted to move that same installation to another drive for its
> permanent home.

Oh, I also meant to ask this:

Does all of the Template/VM state live in /var/lib/qubes?  Obviously the
machines' disks do, and it appears that the metadata associated with them
lives in /var/lib/qubes/qubes.xml (not human readable, tho').

Is this correct?  If I do a fresh install of Qubes, and (with no VM's
running) bring over my whole /var/lib/qubes directory from another
installation, reboot, would I be good to go?  Or are there other subtle
things in dom0's root drive that would be out of kilter?

(It'd be nice to see the VM's and their state not being tied to anything
beyond /var/lib/qubes.  Seems a lot cleaner that way.)



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