Firewall rules are set for a specific VM/Qube. From common understanding people would probably think that those rules are active no matter what happens outside of that very VM/Qube, but in fact it seems like those rules are active if and only if there is an ProxyVM connected to that VM/Qube.


1) I can configure firewall rules for a ProxyVM, but they are not actived, if that ProxyVM is connected to a NetVM (if I connect another ProxyVM in between, this might probably work?!)

2) I can configure firewall rules for a AppVM, which will not be active if that VM is connected

And: What happens if a ProxyVM does not implement the firewall service, or if the firewall service crashes in the ProxyVM ? I cannot find more information about the firewall mechanism than "centrally managed in Dom0 and exposed to each Proxy VM through Xen store" from http://theinvisiblethings.blogspot.de/2011/09/playing-with-qubes-networking-for-fun.html

a) A warning if an AppVM is (about to be) connected to a NetVM (instead of a ProxyVM).

b) Do not allow "firewall rules" being set for ProxyVMs (I think Proxy-Chains are rather unlikely being used?!)

c) A warning about DNS-Names in firewall rules

[c) A warning if a connected ProxyVM does not activate the firewall rules]

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