Hi fellows,

I started using qubes a while ago and I have a question concerning backups.
What I want is a complete backup to a dedicated external USB HDD. I understand 
to achieve this all the VMs must be shut down.
Therefore when I plugged in the HDD I mounted it in dom0 under /mnt.

1. When I ran Qubes VM Manager -> Backup VMs, I received an error message 
stating no place on device and a zero byte backup file. Permissions are OK, 
there's more than enough space on the HDD.
Any reasons why the backup did not succeed?

2. I tried running qvm-backup from the command line, which ran fine, no 
permission problems on the same HDD. However, the template VMs are not included 
by default and I saw no command-line option to automatically achieve this. Am I 
missing something here?

3. I know I can manually list all the VMs on the command line to be backed up, 
but I find that a bit awkward, so I tried this:
qvm-ls --raw-list | xargs qvm-backup /mnt/test/

but this threw a Python exception...

For now I resorted to typing all the VMs by hand ... not elegant.

Any help is appreciated.


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