Software that you don't need is a security risk as it imposes additional attack surface - we all know that. Besides exploits those tools might cause additional threat (e.G. RDP- VNC-, SSH-Clients)
So you better do not install non-universal software* in a template VM.
*software that is not needed in every VM which is based on that template

So where to put non-universal software?

- user-space: allows malware to persist easily, because of persistent write rights. And does not allow usage of standard repositories - other (cloned) TemplateVM: You need to make sure that you keep all templates up-to-date for security reasons, you need much more storage space and cause more ssd aging

So what about a multi-level template system. That way you can keep at least most software up-to-date with a single update process. This would need a delta-filesystem instead of the current image=directory approach i think. I don't know whether Xen has such capabilities?!


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