On Sunday, 23 October 2016 00:26:08 UTC+11, omeg  wrote:
> Changelog:
> - - Updated Xen PV drivers to be in line with upstream

> - - Private disk image is now initialized during setup making the
>   install process require one less reboot

Need to give the option to allow choosing of the label, because having spaces 
in a label is not good, nor having a label that long. Maybe it's just the fact 
I'm a programmer and a developer that I think this way.

> - - Added handler for qubes.OpenURL qrexec service

> - - Fixed a bug that could make moving user profiles to the private
>   image fail if there were files with ACLs explicitly disallowing SYSTEM
>   access

> - - Fixed handling qrexec service requests for non-existing services

When I had the tools installed, it loaded into Seamless mode, and it proceeded 
to tell me that QREXEC was not installed. And also that it needed the GUI tools 
to me installed to use seamless mode.

Not sure if this is a bug, or you designed it to restart twice at this point by 
making us click the stop button?

> - - Minor log readability improvements

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