On Thursday, 27 October 2016 03:21:09 UTC+11, Robert Mittendorf  wrote:
> After updating Qubes tool, basically all relavant devices have issues.
> Qubes Video, Xen Interface, Xen PV Storage, Xen PV Network.

There has been an issue with QWT for as long as I can remember.
the Qubes Video driver has always had issues, and even though they have been 
reported, not all of them are easily fixed.

They fixed the multi-screen issue, in a way, not really multi-screen but it's 
one resolution to the issue, even though it produced another issue, it resolved 

Storage and networking are just fine as far as I can tell, no matter the 
hardware. If it's an HVM then it has both, and they work, even the THVm works 

Maybe you can be more specific?

> Config in registry incomplete or broken (Code 19)
That's a Windows 10 error. QWT is not yet built for Win10.

> The repair option of the QWT uninstaller does not solve the issue as well.
> Any idea? Otherwise I think I'm stuck with QWT

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