On Saturday, October 22, 2016 at 4:26:08 PM UTC+3, omeg wrote:
> Hash: SHA256
> Hi all,
> We uploaded a new version of Qubes Windows Tools (3.2.2-3) to the
> current-testing repository.
> Changelog:
> - - Updated Xen PV drivers to be in line with upstream
> - - Private disk image is now initialized during setup making the
>   install process require one less reboot
> - - Added handler for qubes.OpenURL qrexec service
> - - Fixed a bug that could make moving user profiles to the private
>   image fail if there were files with ACLs explicitly disallowing SYSTEM
>   access
> - - Fixed handling qrexec service requests for non-existing services
> - - Minor log readability improvements
> - -- 
> Rafał Wojdyła
> Qubes Windows Tools developer
> https://qubes-os.org/
> iQEcBAEBCAAGBQJYC2jwAAoJEIWi9rB2GrW7/7cH/jx9JY5UozOG0hQC12J+clcb
> RagLMypHGSg/0awxal1FpQar/TUS8uxPcoym6PEeWQliNTko5F3QYBVm49yl5R3c
> GY13+bp3lQB9Iaj3pXAU2il5WJ0ZQmxPj6tISMMNQLIJs0/mADUuvuw9hJaiOfNR
> Ho2WCv2eM4gnaJxKKhcZOlgX7abApHZreBaZkMxLpe4oZFHyYr/yH8bFOTIc8jGw
> rP/nLGUjoUrMIZMyRlC7SMjafLbRDRCbN4RoRRsrIgbh/6NvoGLBU7qbnnmPE6Y0
> ZfJWusvUrCLuO5c/+Ckbl+FnpItwqzmx2Q9Gj7Qxfprk2zLa+sb0UA+H/muZ5w4=
> =ow4Z

Hi, I`ve updated qwt 3.2.1->3.2.2 and now it looks less stable. About 3-4 hours 
working ok, then app windows stop response to any actions. Switch off seamless 
mode on VM (no errors in VM Manager) not working too - just blink picture from 
Windows Desktop with 3-5 sec period. Then I got this error


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