We see much correspondence in these forums about installing a VPN within Qubes. Surely, the most secure place for VPN is to install on a Router? I say these things after reading the following paper [ https://cryptome.org/2013/12/Full-Disclosure.pdf ] in which a group of hackers demonstrate that the majority of routers (in-particular those provided by ISP's] have backdoors to government agencies. These adversary's are able attack our LAN and its devices; including the ability to intercept VPN and Tor traffic. The solution they say is to isolate these rogue routers in the Militarized Zone by creating a DMZ [demilitarized zone]. Achieved by installing a 2nd router [flashed with open source firmware such as OPenWRT]. It is here, on the router, that we should enable and run OpenVPN.
Thoughts on this paper and it's conclusions are welcomed

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