I guess the main benefit to having VPN on router is it takes that overhead off 
the PCs CPU & memory.

But the paper is right, a lot of network hardware is backdoored. Especially the 
cisco stuff. And im suspicious of the Chinese stuff too.

We should endeavor to run open source routers. But im not aware of any open 
source modems? Im actually surprised someone hasnt cracked the proprietary DSL 
code and leaked an open source modem. 

I bet we would not like what we found in their proprietary code :/

Having a VPN-Proxy-VM offers the flexibility to chose what VMs directly connect 
to the internet, and which VMs are routed through the VPN which is nice.

I've set my VPN-Proxy-VM using a minimal template, to future reduce the attack 

You can also run the whonix-gw over the vpn, or vise versa.

I imagine since snowden said to the world he uses Qubes OS, the NSA have had 
their team looking for ways in. I think qubes can be hardened much more than it 
currently is.

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