> VT-d is intels marketing term for IOMMU, you can buy an AMD system
> that has IOMMU (AMD-Vi) (but not FM2/AM4 as that has PSP). Qubes
> needs IOMMU not "VT-d"

Thanks for reply. I understood this previously but I'm not familiar with AMD's 
offerings and didn't realize they had a current lineup that fits this category. 
It also seems that Skylake i3's have IOMMU without vPro.

> You can use a VMM with a pfsense VM and separate driver domains for
> the network interfaces, qubes isn't a router operating system...

Is there an inherent reason that Qubes should not be used as a router?

> x86/wintel is only a small subsection of the computing world, you can
> buy for instance an IBM OPOWER8 workstation or the Tyan Palmetto
> (also OPOWER8) - they have open source firmware and no ME type stuff.
> - OPOWER has an IOMMU equivalent.
> The newish and readily available blob free x86 amd boards are high
> performance level (kgpe-d16) I don't know what your connection is
> like so if you want something lower power you could go with a
> coreboot board with the features you want and simply not include the
> blobs (which could mean no video, no fan control and no USB3 - but
> none of those are needed on a passively cooled router anyways and you
> can install/control via serial)
> There is the apu2 from pcengines, which has no blobs (AFIAK, ask
> them) although it doesn't have an IOMMU.

Small subsection? I guess I need to get out and see more of the computing 
world. Thanks for the suggestions. I'll do some reading!

> I find it ironic that you apparently value your privacy but you are
> using gmail - if you do not pay for a service YOU are the product.

Yes, and that maxim applies to every website you visit that doesn't cost you 
any money. Everyone uses Google. Just because there's no "g" in the url doesn't 
mean that you're free of Google's tentacles (and fingerprinting).

Yes, I use this gmail address to access groups.google.com and nothing else, in 
a dedicated vm, over Tor. But you are correct - a non-gmail address, in a 
dedicated vm, over Tor would be considerably better. But I fail to see the 
irony. This pseudonym has long-ago broadcast several hundred words onto the 
Internet so it would be naive to think that it's still an anonymous identity. 
The stylometry is out there for anyone that wants to look. The distinction is 
that I have other pseudonyms that aren't quite so vociferous. :) Of course, 
Google probably has them all linked already anyway...

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