Hello everyone,
thanks in advance for your support.

I'm new tu qubes but not to linux un general and i'm having a bad issue with my 
qubes installation.

I have a qubes 3.2 installation on an external USB drive (because $reasons) and 
it's not willing to boot, my system doesn't even detect it as a bootable 
device, for reasons i really don't know.

The partition layout is as follows:

32MB unallocated space (i think for GPT alignment reasons
192MB FAT16 EFI System partition
512MB ext4 /boot partition
my LUKS root partition
other 60MB inallocated (again i think for alignment reasons but meh, anyway who 

in the EFI FAT16 partition i have the following files


while in the /boot partition i have all the usual grub related files and kernel 

i've tried booting into rescue mode from the installation media in an attempt 
to restore the grub bootloader, what i generally do in a traditional linux 
distro is chrooting into my installation and then manually restore grub, but in 
my / i can't find anything grub or grub2 related that i can use to reinstall 
the bootloader, so i'm a bit stuck.

any advice on how to rescue my qubes installation so that i can boot into it 


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