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> Dear Qubes Community,
> Since the initial launch [01] of Qubes OS back in April 2010, work on Qubes
> has been funded in several different ways.  Originally a pet project, it was
> first supported by Invisible Things Lab [02] (ITL) out of the money we earned
> on various R&D and consulting contracts. Later, we decided that we should try 
> to
> commercialize it. Our idea, back then, was to commercialize Windows AppVM
> support.  Unlike the rest of Qubes OS, which is licensed under GPLv2, we 
> thought
> we would offer Windows AppVM support under a proprietary license. Even though 
> we
> made a lot of progress on both the business and technical sides of this
> endeavor, it ultimately failed.
> Luckily, we got a helping hand from the Open Technology Fund [03] (OTF), which
> has supported [04] the project for the past two years. While not a large
> sum of money in itself, it did help us a lot, especially with all the work
> necessary to improve Qubes' user interface, documentation, and outreach to new
> communities.  Indeed, the (estimated) Qubes user base has grown [05]
> significantly over that period. Thank you, OTF!
> But Qubes is more than just a nice UI: it's an entirely new, complex system --
> a system that aims to change the game of endpoint security. Consequently, it
> requires expertise covering a wide spectrum of topics: from understanding
> low-level aspects of hardware and firmware (and how they translate to the
> security of a desktop system), to UI design, documentation writing, and
> community outreach. Even if we consider only the "security research" aspect of
> Qubes, this area alone easily scales beyond the capabilities of a single human
> being.
> In order to continue to deliver on its promise of strong desktop security, 
> Qubes
> must retain and expand its core team, and this requires substantial funding. 
> At
> this point, we believe the only realistic way to achieve this is through
> commercialization, supplemented by community funding.
> Commercialization
> =================
> We're taking a different approach to commercialization this time.  Building on
> the success of the recent Qubes 3.2 release, which has been praised by users 
> for
> its stability and overall usability, we will begin offering commercial 
> editions
> (licenses) of Qubes OS to corporate customers. We believe that the maturity of
> Qubes, combined with its powerful new management stack [06], makes it ripe
> for adoption by any corporation with significant security needs.
> Commercial editions of Qubes OS will be customized to meet special corporate
> requirements. For example, two features that might be particularly attractive 
> to
> corporate customers are (1) "locking down" dom0 in order to separate the user
> and administrator roles and (2) integrating our local management stack with a
> corporation's remote management infrastructure. These are both examples of
> features that our developers are capable of implementing now, on Qubes 3.2.
> We plan to partner with one to three corporate clients in order to run a pilot
> program throughout the first half of 2017.  After it has been successfully
> completed, we'll then widen our offer to more corporate customers and,
> ultimately, to small business customers. Our main constraint is the 
> scalability
> required to cover each additional client. Hence, we plan to focus on larger
> customers first.
> Let there be no misunderstanding: Qubes OS will always remain open source. We
> anticipate that the majority of our commercialization efforts will involve the
> creation of custom Salt configurations, and perhaps writing a few additional
> apps and integration code. In the event that any corporate features require
> reworking the core Qubes code, that new code will remain open source.
> We considered many other ways of attempting to commercialize Qubes before
> arriving at this model. One possibility that some of our users have inquired
> about is that we sell dedicated Qubes hardware (i.e. laptops). However, there
> are a number of challenges here, both in terms of making the hardware
> trustworthy enough to merit our "seal of approval", and from a business and
> logistics perspective. For these reasons, we don't plan to pursue this option 
> in
> the immediate future.
> Community funding
> =================
> Unfortunately, the financial necessity of shifting our priorities to 
> commercial
> clients will mean that we have less time to work on features that benefit the
> wider, security-minded open source community, which has been our focus for the
> past seven years.  This deeply saddens us. (We all use Qubes on our personal
> computers too!) However, the reality is that ITL can't afford to sustain the
> open source development of Qubes for much longer. We're running out of time.
> In an attempt to keep the open source development of Qubes going, we've teamed
> up with Open Collective [07], which makes it easier to donate to the Qubes
> project.  Now, in addition to our Bitcoin fund [08], we can also accept
> donations via credit card. ITL will not benefit from of any of the money 
> donated
> through Open Collective. Instead, the funds will be paid directly to 
> individual
> developers who have been hired to work on the open source edition of Qubes.
> With the help of our community, we hope eventually to build a nonprofit
> organization that will ensure the long-term future of Qubes as an open source
> operating system that is freely available to all -- one of the few operating
> systems that places the security of its users above all else.
> If you are a user of Qubes and want to help us continue working on it, please
> donate now [07].  Those who have contributed will be publicly recognized on 
> our
> Open Collective [07] page (if they so choose).  Organizations that support the
> Qubes project will be publicly recognized on our Partners page [09]
> (again, if they so choose).  If you are interested in supporting Qubes with
> significant resources, whether as an individual or on behalf of an 
> organization,
> we ask that you please contact us directly [10], since donating through
> Open Collective entails significant administrative overhead.
> Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can ensure that Qubes is
> around to secure our digital lives for many years to come.
>     --The Qubes team
> [01] https://blog.invisiblethings.org/2010/04/07/introducing-qubes-os.html
> [02] https://invisiblethingslab.com
> [03] https://www.opentech.fund/
> [04] https://www.opentech.fund/project/qubes-os
> [05] https://www.qubes-os.org/counter/
> [06] https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2015/12/14/mgmt-stack/
> [07] https://opencollective.com/qubes-os
> [08] https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2016/07/13/qubes-distributed-fund/
> [09] https://www.qubes-os.org/partners/
> [10] <busin...@qubes-os.org>
> You can also view this announcement on the Web at:
> https://www.qubes-os.org/news/2016/11/30/qubes-commercialization/
> xLQQrKuUBeK5yZ7+Jpeoqc/ni8VsZ8vwbXWayHLWHk1IMn22OMn/cd66T6tljt0x
> UdcZ4Ng4nxl0j8sN0Ycw4iEx29LRwPs4m0EOPPEYRaqql+QNEPjs8mItE/vRtkd3
> KTudISYCflBwFB2SlVn8NHd8gNbaV/y8oy7gRLCpzEtf3rU4WAf2jKdRpGWx3RFx
> uqYLJ/vfEOBs2SctsuNLzm+8eX7hZ6DOBQNBGgAtdLMnaWqBBA3uEjmwjGbNL2jm
> BGVYUnPyKIgCcGHGuInCgRb8vatrV6Vesduw9IRbQHB2BOQT41pdhlbtbPUkOSu4
> HXn4j9/w3TXE4Qnvq5EeA3VTYM9cnf4COQ4XuaXNxUX9ojiuRgFqNxQ1vHw98rST
> nsS//+9AoL2PQmElunWwhPe/srWDcODZ/iVDd2uafc0gEdNTYUHzDSQkhhd5GOEM
> 2xe9zMfR8m+mpXTX5/ObVbsQ61EXUw6YYb9IH0vBvnG6QUSRe6xzXKVK8h/9JaHt
> 5rhQxb+njEcovZ9cLadwA9IIZP4FJhYU0cvXpRbPSHueFRf7j4JfplClPEnL2vEC
> NqG/lcgCKjA6tmk2x+CXU0rue35OwzjMUaWq8YZ0MmX0fc+/MFw121LpBu+0Ke0H
> VOFj+L9DRea6g7k0OPtI
> =3Y/D
This is a wonderful idea, there are about 20k Qubes users out there, if we al 
give you guys an equivalent of Windows license price you should be set for a 
millenium. Also, you forgot to post this to qubes-announce.

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