*Below is a Spinoff* from "[qubes-users] When Wi-Fi disconnects, it fails to reconnect: How to reset the Network interface (conveniently) without restarting everything?"

(Ref. "I wish there was a magical menu entry that could do this:"
- "Enforce restarting sys-net/sys-Firewall and temporarily take down any open VM that are blocking the restart, and then subsequently start them all again afterwards WITH all the software that was running inside each one too...")

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(If that is too much to ask for a script, then imagine the daunting task every time one has to do that manually.)

*Qubes has a deeper motivation for this kind of automation than other OSes due to the consequences of security dilemmas stemming from the separation of tasks/VMs etc.**

*Maybe Qubes does not have a choice, but to actually tackle this challenge at it roots.*

*If I am right about that, then we can look at this from a strategic point of view, as an oppurtunity to take the lead:**

The above linked other issue is a good example on exactly what we want a computer to automate in general.

The world does not need the (overhyped) "Artificial Intelligence" developments so much as really flexible automation like this example. We are far away from creating anything intelligence-like, but these automation bits are well within our reach even without any "A.I."

Because we are all in the same boat regarding all the dilemmas, caveats and workarounds in the struggle to stay as secure as possibl as convenient as possible, Qubes has a unique challenge that is much larger and much more deep felt than any other OS users has: for a workable interface to this kind of automation.

*Maybe an opportunity or potential benefit lies within this challenge:*

Could we invite A.I. developers into a cross-platform Linux project that aims at providing tools to let users manage, configure, schedule, etc. automation like this through the GUI, so we make sure we are at the helm of such developments and thus have even greater influence to affect its direction to cover our (extra) needs?

- LeeteqXV

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