On 09/19/2017 02:23 PM, taii...@gmx.com wrote:> It is impossible to have
storage communication between VM's, that would
> be a separate security issue.
> On timing attacks or w/e - you may be able to avoid cross communication
> by putting every AppVM on a separate core of a many core CPU such as an
> Opteron 6386 (16 cores)

Putting every AppVM on a separate core of a many core CPU could help a
bit, but CPU's usually have separate L1, maybe L2 caches, but I don't
know of any CPU with a non-shared-between-cores L3 cache. So basing the
attack on timing the L3 cache may still work.

Then, here we're going pretty far in the sophisticated tracking
strategy, like “things currently being proposed at conferences,” so
maybe it's out of the threat model (or maybe not, depends on your threat

As to browser fingerprinting, I'd personally rather use a distinct
distribution for the “anonymous” part, just to make timing updates (A
upgraded this day and B too and all their upgrades are always on the
same day that is not the one of the release of the distribution, thus
A=B) harder. Then, again it's against someone specifically targeting
you, I don't think qubes is widespread enough to make trackers even try
to perform such deductions (yet). That said this last sentence is just
gut feeling.

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