Hello Taiidan,

>> There isn't any reason to buy purism's faux
>> libre laptops instead of say
>> a Lenovo G505S ...

I don't understand why this topic is often discussed to emotionally.
As far as I know the G505s is a big laptop (15inch?) which seems also located 
at the entry class (compared to the "Thinkpad class").
Don't get me wrong I think most "older" are perfectly fine, that why I am 
suggesting looking at a x230 or similar.
A good thing with Purism Laptop line is, that it shows that there is a market 
for laptops that seem to look like they are more "free" than others - if the 
company fools people here, you are right this is bad - but this is also a 
chance for others to make it better.
More competition is always good :-)

And maybe some users just want to buy a new "shiny" machine and not a 4y old 
Maybe even for the "strange" reason that it just looks more sexy or that they 
need certain interfaces, a specific display resolution ... Whatever.
Looking at my company it would not be possible to buy a used machine without 
hardware replacement as all laptop are covered with on-site service.
That's why I'm using the X230 as BYOD device.

>> which is actually owner controlled (open
>> source hw init coreboot), supports qubes
>> 4.0 and doesn't have a black box supervisor
>> processor (ME/PSP)

If I understand you correctly you're saying that the blob which contains Intel 
AMT/ME is not modified in Purisms laptop line?
As far as I know it is possible (at least for the laptop I am using an also 
others) to use ME_cleaner which will cripple the AMT Blob so that the risk that 
anything bad is running there is reduced.

Take a look at this post:

"(...) Of those 23 modules, 21 modules are completely removed from the ME 
partition, and we leave only 2 modules: ROMP and BUP. The ROMP module is a “ROM 
bypass” module which is used to bypass the ROM initialization code and it’s 
less than 1KB of code, used to load the BUP module and execute it. The BUP 
module is a 116KB module which is used to initialize the ME hardware. (...)"

So this would still be a (bit more) reasonable secure laptop.


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