Davidson wrote:

> I am running 3.2, have 16gb mem, and a
> Samsung ssd drive and it still takes 10 sec
> (timed it) to put up a terminal in a new vm

I am also interested in comparing App(VM) start times, to compare the 

I have run the following test after boot and with only sys-firewall and sys-net 

Test on my Lenovo x230
Intel Core i5-3320M @ 2.60Ghz
500 GB SanDisk SSD
Qubes 4.0rc3

startup/boot till xterm window = 17sec (normal AppVM)
startup/boot till xterm window = 21sec (Disposable AppVM)

Test on my Lenovo W540
Intel Core i7-4900MQ @ 2.8 Ghz
480 GB Samsung SSD
Qubes 4.0rc3
Not Coreboot'able

startup/boot till xterm window = 15sec (normal AppVM)
startup/boot till xterm window = 16sec (Disposable AppVM)

If the AppVM is already running launching new applications is done within in 1 
or 2 sec.

Your question regarding hardware recommendation:
I would look at the Coreboot HCL/Compatibility List and choose a model which 
fits your preferred display size and resolution.

Using Coreboot you can also remove large parts of Intel ME.

Then as a 2nd test check the Qubes HCL


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