On Saturday, 6 January 2018 00:07:00 UTC, Tom Zander  wrote:
> On Friday, 5 January 2018 23:43:58 GMT Zrubi wrote:
> > > I'll attach two sceenshots of the tool, to give you a bit of an
> > > idea of what it already does and maybe if its worth your time to
> > > compile 
> > 
> > Probably this is very subjective, but:
> > For me, the most important parts/feature of the current Qubes Manager
> > are (in order of importance):
> > 
> > - Full overview of the state of the VMs in ONE screen, without clicking.
> > The new widget is failing on this badly, just as your proposal.
> My aim has so far been to show which VMs are there, which type they are and 
> if they are running. This is visible in one go. Including even which VM has 
> a high CPU usage.
> I'm not happy yet with the way that the netVM is visualized, as you say it 
> costs clicks on each VM.
> > - Changing the NetVM of a given VM.
> Great idea!

Tom, Thanks for putting time into this. It will be greatly appreciated by many.
On that specific point, the disposable template could have the start icons with 
the program you want, and maybe a drop down for the netVM, or tab, or just for 
a given program you can select the netVM (i.e. firefox, tor (via whonix), 
openoffice (no netvm)...
> > - Starting programs from a given VM.
> Fully agreed, this is what I added last week. I'm using it all the time. 
> Much more convenient than the start menu.
> > - start/stop VMs
> Present :)
> > - attaching/detaching devices.
> Yes, definitely.
> > - reading VM logs.
> Good to know.
> > Probably these are only my personal preferences. Hence I have no time
> > to write a new manager for the Qubes 4.x I just shared my use case.
> > Feel free to ignore them if you don't like 'em 
> They are excellent ideas, thanks!

Not sure if feasible but:
- launch it with a shortcut key
- execute the task (i.e. select VM, select program to launch, or command to 
execute on that VM)
- minimize automatically on task execution (plus same shortcut if no action)

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