Without support for hardware acceleration of virtual machines, plus needing 
specific hardware compatible with Qubes OS, what kinds of work do you get done 
if Qubes is your main OS on primary PC?

I want to run Davinci Resolve, which is a video editor that runs on Linux, but 
it takes advantage of the discrete GPU, and it seems Qubes does not support 
hardware acceleration nor virtual machines.

So, I'm curious, for those who use Qubes, what actual work do you get done?

I've also tried playing youtube videos but found audio out of sync and I could 
not resize or maximize the playback window.

I may have tried the second to latest version released so maybe things have 
changed or will change in 4.x?

Not being able to run VMs, Davinci Resolve, or youtube are making me have to 
look at other options like OS X, Windows 10, and Linux.

I was leaning towards OS X but enabling case sensitivity for the file system 
can break certain apps like those from Adobe, or cause other problems.. And I 
prefer linux/unix like command-lines to DOS, so kind of leaning away from 
Windows 10.

That leaves Linux distros like Debian, Mint, e bv  But I'm wondering how secure 
it will be compared to Qubes?  

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