I feel like a total idiot here but here is what I am doing:

1) I make an HVM (tried both normal and template) and then assign more disk 
space to it. 
2) I download the ubuntu iso file for desktop.
3) I run qvm-start ubuntu --cdrom=vmpath:/home/user/downloads/xxx.iso
4) I run the installation that surprisingly finishes ultra fast. There are two 
disks one is xvda and xvdb. The first has the space that VM has for "personal 
usage" and the second for "system". I tried installing on both with same result.
5) As the installation finishes when I shutdown the machine it doesn't 
shutdown. A black window keeps on. Then I kill it with Qubes-manager.
6) after that it doesn't start. It says booting from hard drive but nothing 

I tried many times. What am I doing wrong?

thanks in advance

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