Hello again, my long overdue update on the matter, now with RC4:

1. Installing Qubes 4.0 RC4 in UEFI-Mode works fine now :)
2. No manual adjustment of GRUB needed any more :)
3. Standby seems to work almost perfectly now. It does need about a minute to 
kick in, and if I unlock my screen in this time frame I'm able to resume from 
standby without any lockscreen, but I can live with that :)
4. qubesd service doesn't crash anymore :)

New issue:

During installation, before the first reboot and basic configuration, the 
system stops with
    [ 1513.579240] reboot: Restarting system
and doesn't react any more. Cold shutdown and reboot resumes the 

Remaining issues:

Sys-net still causes trouble. The error-message ("Unable to reset PCI device 
000:03:00.1") still occurs during installation, and later keeps sys-net from 
starting. Setting pci_strictreset to false mitigates the problem, but doesn't 
make sys-net stable. Particularly the behavior after standby is kind of 
strange, for example it tells me a connection is gone several times, although 
there never was a connection. Also it will not halt properly with qvm-shutdown, 
a qvm-kill is needed. One time a new wired connection appeared under a new 
wired controller, but I've not seen it since.

Attaching 3:00.0 to sys-net also did not help, instead sys-net would not start 
up any more ("Cannot execute qrexec-daemon").

So I'm back to disabling ethernet altogether by not attaching 3:00.1 to 
sys-net. This is not a problem at the moment.

I'll upload the HCL-report in a new post and will try to use RC4 over the next 

Best regards,


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