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>On February 22, 2018 1:57 PM, 'awokd' via qubes-users 
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>>On Thu, February 22, 2018 1:49 pm, Aaron Dough wrote:
>>>Good to know. Since Tuxedo especially advertises it's native
>>> Linux-support, I think I'll ask their support directly regarding this
>>> issue. It may be far fetched, but if this is really solvable with updated
>>> firmware, it's worth a shot :-)
>>>His case was a little different because he wanted to use them across
>> separate VMs. In theory that can be done if you set both devices to not
>> require strict reset. In your case, maybe try to assign them both to
>> sys-net without strict reset (but you might have already tried that too).
> Yes, I've tried that too. Although I noticed that the Qubes Manager currently 
> doesn't seem to set no-strict-reset property properly, so I tried again via 
> command line.
> As soon as both devices (3:00.1 and 3:00.0) are attached, sys-net will not 
> start, no matter the no-strict-reset flag(s).
> If only .1 (Ethernet) is attached, it will result in unstable behavior. With 
> no-strict-reset=true sys-net will freeze after a standby (no reaction when I 
> click the networking-icon, no qvm-shutdown possible, only qvm-kill).

Sorry for the avalanche of messages, I just had sys-net freeze on me even 
though the Ethernet controller was detached. As it turns out, the Wireless 
controller needs no-strict-reset=true too. Now it seems much more stable.

However, still
- 3:00.0 can not be attached, or sys-net won't start
- whenever Ethernet (3:00.1) is attached, no matter the strict-reset flag, 
standby will mess with sys-net: The network-icon will show the "trying to 
connect"-animation, and it thinks it's connected to "Wired connection 1", 
although there is no cable attached. That's the bug I couldn't quite remember 
before, and it is now reproducable.

I also wrote Tuxedo-computers, maybe they will be able to help.

Big thanks to awokd for all the helpful replies :-)

Kind regards,

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