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>>>I'm wondering if sys-net and suspending will be more stable if you
>>> attach everything on bus 3 to sys-net while leaving strict_reset to
>>> default to required.
> Have you tried this already?

Yes, when I do this sys-net won't even start up ("Cannot execute 

>>lspci only gives me 03:00.0 and .1, with 03:00.0 being "Unassigned class
>> [ff00]: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL8411B PCI Express Card Reader
>> (rev 01)"
> Someone else recently had a similar problem with those Realteks too
> (https://mail-archive.com/qubes-users@googlegroups.com/msg18953.html). I
> don't know what they were thinking when they designed that setup or why
> any manufacturers would use it...

Good to know. Since Tuxedo especially advertises it's native Linux-support, I 
think I'll ask their support directly regarding this issue. It may be far 
fetched, but if this is really solvable with updated firmware, it's worth a 
shot :-)

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