On Thu, February 22, 2018 6:19 pm, 'Aaron Dough' via qubes-users wrote:

> Sorry for the avalanche of messages, I just had sys-net freeze on me even
> though the Ethernet controller was detached. As it turns out, the
> Wireless controller needs no-strict-reset=true too. Now it seems much
> more stable.

No problem, it's also helpful for others who might encounter the same
problem as you some day and search this mailing list.

> However, still
> - 3:00.0 can not be attached, or sys-net won't start
> - whenever Ethernet (3:00.1) is attached, no matter the strict-reset flag,
> standby will mess with sys-net: The network-icon will show the "trying to
> connect"-animation, and it thinks it's connected to "Wired connection 1",
> although there is no cable attached. That's the bug I couldn't quite
> remember before, and it is now reproducable.

That might be something else. Check out this article and try looking for
your Ethernet driver instead of the wireless one.

> I also wrote Tuxedo-computers, maybe they will be able to help.

Please let us know what you hear back! Unfortunately, they might not be
able to do anything about it if it's inside the Realtek hardware. At least
if they are aware it's causing people problems, maybe they'll look for a
better chip next time.

> Big thanks to awokd for all the helpful replies :-)

Any time.

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