On Wed, March 7, 2018 8:05 pm, sevas wrote:

> Of course, one solution is to install all my programs into a single
> templateVM and only enable the programs I need in the AppVM.
> But it seems more secure to me if I keep different templates for
> different needs and then create a AppVM to run them in. Is this good or am
> I wasting my time and hard drive space?

Excluding standalone, development, and Whonix VMs, I like a small, medium,
large approach to TemplateVMs.

Small- doesn't even need a desktop manager like GNOME; xterm only;
required utilities only for sys-* VMs

Medium- the standard fedora-26 or debian-9 template with a handful of
small utilities for password mgmt. etc., for most non-sys-* AppVMs

Large- Medium plus Java, Libreoffice, photo editing etc. AppVMs based on
this never get a network connection and are used for document mgmt.

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