On Wednesday, March 7, 2018 at 9:05:51 PM UTC+1, sevas wrote:
> Cool. That gave me some ideas. Thanks for sharing your setup. 
> So, another infosec question Im trying to figure out...
> Templates Vs AppVMs. 
> I find myself with, currently, 8 templates and growing. 
> This is because I am installing different programs in different VMs
> and Im not wanting to install all my programs into a single VM. 
> Of course, one solution is to install all my programs into a single 
> templateVM and only enable the programs I need in the AppVM. 
> But it seems more secure to me if I keep different templates for 
> different needs and then create a AppVM to run them in. Is this 
> good or am I wasting my time and hard drive space?
> For instance I have a template specifically for one set of 
> sys-net/sys-firewall and another template for sys-net2/sys-firewall2. 
> And another the vault and more to come.

heck even dating is becoming a new huge business these days, especially with 
all these new tools and algorithms to pair people. It makes sense to make an 
AppVM for stuff like that too, don't use your phone for it, and stay clear of 
the advanced dating sites. 

This is a good example of data mining, where people might forget their privacy. 
It's essentially a gold mine for data mining, and we're probably gonna see huge 
industries in the coming years, privacy traded for love. It's a sad 
development. Nevertheless, AppVM's serves as a good use here too to minimize 
the profiling companies whom seek to profile everyone and know everything about 
you, so that they can sell your profile for profit to anyone who wants to buy.

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