On Tuesday, March 27, 2018 at 4:52:33 PM UTC-5, awokd wrote:

> Could you please trim emails when you reply? It was hard to find your
> questions in all that text!

Sorry about not trimming the original!

> I'm not sure you could fit one in there, the hole is only big enough for
> half-height mini-PCIe cards.
Okay.  I found some half mini PCIe SSD but it appears to just use SATA 
interface and probably not worth losing WiFi.

> Not sure on this one; Coreboot can be picky on memory timings. Might have
> to dig in to the source code to see if that is supported, if nobody else
> knows.
Good to know.

> Welcome! Some of us G505s users are putting together a page with tips on
> Coreboot and Qubes, but I'm not sure where it will end up yet.

That would be amazing and much appreciated.  This seems like a great hardware 
choice for running Qubes.  I have the tools and have flashed a BIOS chip before 
so I feel okay about that part, but building the coreboot file is going to 
stretch me a bit.

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