On Tuesday, April 10, 2018 at 7:08:37 AM UTC, qma ster wrote:
> Hi there Friend ! What 8 cells battery you have got, and from which seller?
> It is either your battery needs a few power cycles to get to its' full
> performance,
> or maybe you have received a battery with the different power cells
> (not SANYO) :
> e.g. your original battery was SANYO but that new 8cells could be SMP ? :P
> If you would look at the PDF Hardware Maintenance Manual for Lenovo G505S 
> laptop
> (easily found online, contains many FRU replacement parts
> descriptions/IDs, useful)
> you will see that - even for the official G505S batteries, there were
> three manufacturers:
> Sanyo, LG, SMP (Simplo). According to some tests, Sanyo are much
> better than SMP/LG.
> Please look at the attached picture - it contains a small review of
> the battery cells (could be expanded)
> my 8cells battery is Sanyo, and its almost twice longer battery life!
> Mike result is ~1.5x longer,
> but he haven't told me who made his cells, or I forgot what he has
> replied to me and couldnt find.
> Guess its a bit of a lottery... If your battery would not perform
> better after a few power cycles,
> you could try getting another 8 cells battery, preferably from another
> seller - for a higher chance
> that these batteries would be from the different batches with the
> different internals - and we will see
> However, if you would look through this guide above, there are some
> more worthy investments:
> in example, AR9462 wireless network adapter from ath9k family - does
> not need the binary blobs,
> runs on 100% open source and supports 2.4GHz/5GHz and even Bluetooth,
> works fine even at the
> Stallman-endorsed Linux distros. Ideally, batteries should be bought
> after you have got everything else.
> By the way, 2-3 times per year you could get 10-20% off AliExpress
> coupons for a great real discount
> Retyped table from the attached image (so that it will be searchable
> through the Internet) :

Thanks for all the info!  I bought my battery from some random seller on eBay 
and it was disappointing initially but seems better after a few cycles.  I may 
check out your recommended ones anyway.  I did many of the other recommended 
upgrades already, including replacing the thermal paste, the WiFi adapter and 
upgrading to 16gb of Patriot Viper RAM and an SSD.

I'm very happy with my current setup thanks to you and others.  One question I 
have is regarding boot time for 4.0.  Is it several minutes long for you on 
coreboot/Qubes 4.0?  I also get a Failed to Load Kernel Modules message early 
on in Qubes boot if that matters.  Once it's up and running, things run 

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