> 1) Erase a BIOS chip and flash it with coreboot - 
> http://dangerousprototypes.com/docs/Flashing_a_BIOS_chip_with_Bus_Pirate . 
> For a BIOS image you could either:

I decided to use your prebuilt rom and flashed it successfully on my G505s last 
night.  Afterwards, I began the Qubes 4.0 installation.  It installed fine, but 
following the restart it freezes while setting up the Template VMs.  I waiting 
several hours to verify that it was indeed frozen.  I restarted and tried setup 
again and it keeps freezing at various points (Fedora Template, Debian 
Template, Whonix).  I then tried a fresh reinstall but that yielded the same 

I'm currently in the process of downloading 4.0 again and I'll try the install 
on a different usb stick.  Is there anything else that I might try to make this 
work?  Thanks for any assistance.

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