Hello Giulio,

G <giu...@anche.no> schrieb am Di., 27. März 2018, 21:35:

> On 2018-03-27 18:10, G wrote:
> > Hello,
> > since it took a while for me to sum up all piece and a lot of trial
> > and error to get the whole setup working i took some notes to help
> > other who want to try something similar.
> > Please note that everything written there is public domain (so
> > copy-edit-whatever).
> >
> > https://git.lsd.cat/g/thinkad-coreboot-qubes

As mentioned I have also drafted a how-to to setup Coreboot on a X230,
including building the pi, flashrom and extracting Blobs.

My how-to is located in the Qubes Community docs.
While I need to fill in some small gaps how to put the hardware parts
together, all the other stuff is covered including extracting Blobs and

The how-to is located here:

The coreboot config I have used is here:

I wrote the how-to as I need to look at several places to get everything
together for example how to extract Blobs, how to merge two bios files into
one etc.
Having everything in one place is nice for a newbie if he owns exactly the
same modell/x230.

I am interested in getting the best out of both worlds (Coreboot + Qubes).
It seems that your approach (using GRUB) offers some benefits vs. using
SeaBIOS as the boot partition can so be encrypted.

Are there issues going this way? For example breaking the future upgrade
ability ?

It seems to me that if I run Coreboot with grub + encrypted boot, there is
no need to run anti evil maid, as the boot partition can't be messed with.

Is this correct?



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