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Thanks Chris...again thank you for the effort! This tool is great...

Does it matter that Private internet access provides 3 seperate files (key, 
cert and client config)?

Yes it matters. You should put all of them in the /rw/config/vpn folder or the config won't work.

I have the proxy AppVM set up with "provides network"(proxy) checked, I have 
tried a setup in proxy only and a setup in Template/Proxy, PVH(tried PV...similar to 
3.2)...I don't think it is the setup as much as the configuration of the template?

No need to mess with virt type... default PVH is fine.

I installed GNOME and Openvpn (Using those names specifically) in Debian, no 
additional packages installed in stock fedora...

I feel like I am missing a very basic command or tweak, whonix works, wireless 
works, sys-firewall works...any help would be appreciated. It seems something 
releated to PIA VPN configuration or VPN-handler-openvpn

I'm using Debian 9 also and just did a test with PIA. On my system the service fails initially then restarts 10sec later because the firewall rules take time to set up. It works fine this way. If you want to avoid the initial failure and restart, add a 2sec delay "sleep 2s" in rc.local just before the first systemctl command; it will start quicker.

Here are my logs/commands from your suggestions:

root@sys-VPNb5:/home/user# ls -l /rw/config/qubes-firewall.d
total 0
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 38 Apr  5 13:16 90_tunnel-restrict -> 

root@sys-VPNb5:/home/user# iptables -v -L FORWARD

The iptables and qubes-firewall.d look correct. But the logs you added look garbled. Can you capture the following and attach it to a reply in tar format..?

 sudo journalctl -u qubes-vpn-handler >qvpn.log
 tar -czf qvpnlog.tgz qvpn.log
 qvm-copy qvpnlog.tgz


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