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Totally willing to try to "avoid
the initial failure and restart, add a 2sec delay "sleep 2s" in rc.local
just before the first systemctl command; it will start quicker." Would you be 
open to sharing the commands for this?

The command is just "sleep 2s".

If I am launching a VM from the GUI when would I put "sleep 2s" into the 
terminal? I am learning but not there yet...

This is not important as it only saves about 8 seconds at startup.

I am using "openvpn-ip" file from PIA under Advanced OpenVPN SSL Restrictive 
Configuration: https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/pages/client-support/
I then move each of the 3 individual files mentioned above into the 
/rw/config/vpn folder.

Thanks again for the help...

Got your log... I think the real culprit shows up here:

"AUTH: Received control message: AUTH_FAILED"

This could mean the user/password weren't entered correctly. You can see
how its stored by issuing this command:

sudo cat /rw/config/vpn/userpassword.txt

To fix it you can edit that file, or run the --config step again from
the instructions.

Thanks for that tip...the password is good. Tested it with another application 
and it is correct and working. The VPN proxy also had the correct password.

What else could this be?

I researched the error and it indicates there is a problem with the username or password. You could try running the --config step again to re-enter them.

You could also try checking that /tmp/userpassword.txt has the login info as well...

sudo cat /tmp/userpassword.txt

If it doesn't have the info then there is something wrong with the startup script.


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