Correction to instructions I followed:

Create proxy using VPN template:
Provides Network  Checked
connect to sys-net
Launch settings  - Checked

Add files and Terminal to Applications
Initial memmory = 500mb
Max memory = 4500
Add “vpn-handler-openvpn” to services

Open a terminal and file manager in new proxy appVM:

cd “Then drag qubes4 file into terminal from tasket/github”
sudo bash ./install

Enter VPN name and password

Close terminal

Reopen terminal

Transfer XXXXXXXXXXX PIA config files into your new VPN AppVM:
Change your PIA config file to “openvpn-client” and add DNS if wanting to use a 
DNS service other then PIA
setenv vpn_dns 'IP of DNS provider'

Move PIA files by running this command:

sudo mv “Then highlight the .pem, .crt and config file (renamed to 
“openvpn-client.ovpn) and drag them into the terminal” /rw/config/vpn

Final terminal commands to create .conf file:

cd /rw/config/vpn
sudo ln -s openvpn-client.ovpn vpn-client.conf

Restart VM!!! Wait for “Ready to Connect” and “Link is UP” 

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