having a reasonable secure OS and maybe some additional freedom by using
Coreboot is great, but might not be enough.

At least in Germany most home routers are not owned by the users but the
internet providers, even worse it ia often not possible to upgrade the
software as a user.
If I want to improve this situation, what do you think about librecmc (
https://librecmc.org/faq.html), I have come across by accident?

Sorry if this is non-qubes question, but I don't know that much people
carrying about privacy and would like to hear your opinion about it.

"(...)  In the light of recent events, it is more important now more than
ever to fight for the freedom to control the software that runs on a given
device. Users should have the freedom to control their devices, not the
OEMs who originally made the device. Since libreCMC is free software, users
have total control over what the software on their device is doing. This is
important because it means that the community can add new features, review
what the software is doing and make improvements that benefit the community
as a whole. (...)"



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