On Thu, May 17, 2018 12:17 pm, Thibaut Demmerlé wrote:
> Hello!
> Until now everything worked with Qubes 4.0 on my Librem 13v2 (with
> coreboot
> updated).
> Now, when I boot I can still enter the encryption password, but when it
> comes to the user password, Qubes don’t load the desktop anymore and go
> back to the user password...

Caps lock is off, right? See if you can switch to terminal at that point
with ctrl-alt-F2. Try the other function keys if that doesn't work. Then,
check log files in /var/log to try to figure out why it won't let you

> I feel desperate because I would really like to see my data again and some
> help to do it...
> Would you be willing to show me what I could enter in “rescue a Qubes
> system”?

Sounds like your data is still intact. It's possible to recover it
manually, but it's an involved process so try to fix your current
installation first.

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