'Setherson' via qubes-users wrote on 9/30/18 2:12 AM:
I am using Qubes 3.2. All TemplateVMs and dom0 have been updated sometime 
within the past week.

Since about the same time, my Workstation TemplateVM and every AppVM based on 
it has been unable to connect to the internet.

The Whonix Gateway TemplateVM works fine, as does the sys-whonix NetVM. 
Furthermore, all the AppVMs based on the Fedora and Debian templates work even 
when routed through sys-whonix. I also have all the TemplateVMs set to update 
through sys-whonix, and every one of them is able to do this with the sole 
exception of whonix-ws-14. So if I had to guess, I’d say the problem lies with 
the Whonix Workstation TemplateVM itself.

When I try updating whonix-ws-14, it “hits” everything until the 10th 
repository. Once it gets there, the screen shows “[working]” and stays there.

Has anyone else run into this problem? What steps can I take to begin 
troubleshooting it?

Thanks in advance!

You might have caught a bad update last week, and it sounds like one of the repositories you're using is unavailable right now. You can try the suggestions in https://forums.whonix.org/t/errors-updating-september-2018/6028/8, or wait a day or so and try updating again.

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