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>>> I am using Qubes 3.2. All TemplateVMs and dom0 have been updated sometime 
>>> within the past week.
>>> Since about the same time, my Workstation TemplateVM and every AppVM based 
>>> on it has been unable to connect to the internet.
>>> The Whonix Gateway TemplateVM works fine, as does the sys-whonix NetVM. 
>>> Furthermore, all the AppVMs based on the Fedora and Debian templates work 
>>> even when routed through sys-whonix. I also have all the TemplateVMs set to 
>>> update through sys-whonix, and every one of them is able to do this with 
>>> the sole exception of whonix-ws-14. So if I had to guess, I’d say the 
>>> problem lies with the Whonix Workstation TemplateVM itself.
>>> When I try updating whonix-ws-14, it “hits” everything until the 10th 
>>> repository. Once it gets there, the screen shows “[working]” and stays 
>>> there.
>>> Has anyone else run into this problem? What steps can I take to begin 
>>> troubleshooting it?
>>> Thanks in advance!
>> You might have caught a bad update last week, and it sounds like one of
>> the repositories you're using is unavailable right now. You can try the
>> suggestions in
>> https://forums.whonix.org/t/errors-updating-september-2018/6028/8, or
>> wait a day or so and try updating again.
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> Thanks for the link! I did what they advised and the Workstation-14 
> TemplateVM seems to have updated fine.
> However, the most serious issues remain.
> I am still unable to access the internet from any of my Workstation-based 
> AppVMs. Here’s what happens:
> When I first open the Tor Browser, I receive a warning that my activities may 
> be linked if the Tor Browser is already running. I have gotten this sort of 
> warning in the past when I already have an instance of the TB running, but 
> that’s not the case here.
> I click “yes” to get rid of the warning box and the Tor Browser proceeds to 
> open. The first sign that something is (still) not right is that it’s unable 
> to find the local Whonix splash page file that always pops up when the 
> browser first starts. Weird, but certainly not a huge issue.
> Then, when I try to do a random search (I use DDG’s Onion service to conduct 
> searches), I’m told that the server has reloaded while the request was being 
> made (or something to that effect; it’s a super-common error message). 
> Whatever the cause may be, the result is that I’m unable to visit any 
> website; Google, DDG Onion, DDG Clearnet, and so on all give me the same 
> error.
> It occurred to me that this might be a Tor Browser problem, so I opened up 
> the Electrum bitcoin client in the same AppVM to see if that works. 
> Unfortunately, Electrum doesn’t connect either.
> Then—again in the same AppVM—I open up konsole and ping google (both 
> google.com and Interestingly, when I ping google.com the terminal 
> shows me the site’s corresponding numerical IPv4 address, so there must be 
> some sort of DNS access, right? Anyway, aside from seeing the IPv4 address I 
> get no feedback whatsoever for the next 20-30 seconds, so I finally Ctrl-C 
> the process and see a packet loss of 100%.
> Finally, I open Firefox in my “Untrusted” AppVM, which uses Fedora 28 as its 
> template and sys-whonix as its NetVM. It takes me to Google without a hitch.
> Any ideas? Is this just a bad update I’m going to have to wait out, or are 
> there steps I can take to remedy the situation in the meantime?

Yes, exactly the same here,  commenting out allows update  but I've been
noticing these DDG .onion resets for maybe a week or more ....

and just last few days , maybe because I haven't rebooted the AppVM for
a while  the  warning  about  activity "being linked" ....

two other things: 1) the Qube manager despite sucessfully updates, the
green arrow to need update persists , even after restarting the Q
manager and
2) update-torbrowser gives a scary warning  in  whonix-ws-14     to
override it two options  , I haven't tried either ..

btw, this is all in Q4.0  with  the latest  dom0  patches , most recent
just a few days ago .....

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