I read that whonix thread.  Still not sure why whonix doesn't have a canary.  
What could it hurt?  Any aspect of the project could be compromised for any 
reason.   Thats the same as people saying I have nothing to hide so why worry.  
In the other thread Patrick says US laws affect all countries.

And don't feel bad.  Patrick banned me from the forums too once a long while 
ago.  I told him I'd never post there again and never did. lol.

I was constantly having issues with whonix.   You are a target just for using 
it.  You really have to pay attention when you are updating it.

Sill never understood why the user qubes-whonix left the project in flamboyant 
fashion claiming it was just a "cool experiment" and its "security was not 
taken seriously" ...

I stopped using whonix after the annoying clock issue.  And then couldn't be 
troubled to install the latest version and just removed it instead. 

I'm sure it has its purposes and some people need it.  But I don't.  The 
websites I use qubes for ban tor or it just has no benefit.  Anonymity is 
different then privacy.

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