I have dual-core i7 7500U with disabled hyperthreading. In dom0, I often 
have total CPU usage in tens of percents (often about 50 %, i.e., about 
fully utilized single core). When I look at htop in dom0, it is clearly 
caused by qubesd, which clearly uses the vast majority of CPU during these 
peaks. Note that these peaks look rather random, I see no relation to any 
activity. But they are quite frequent.

When looking at the process tree, it has many child processes, probably one 
for each domU qube. But they utilize near zero CPU.

The column TIME+ confirms my CPU% observation in long term.

I am not sure where to find any relevant log. Maybe journalctl, but I have 
seen nothing suspicious there.

Do you have any idea about the cause, solution or even a suggestion for 

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

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