Hi Vit,

* I have many VMs in my computer.
* I use i3 with qubes-i3status
* The script qubes-i3status calls command qvm-ls --no-spinner --raw-data
--fields NAME,FLAGS quite frequently.
* The command qvm-ls --no-spinner --raw-data --fields NAME,FLAGS seems to
cause high CPU load. Unfortunately, the process that shows the high CPU
usage is qubesd, not qvm-ls.

What can be improved:

a. Don't use qubes-i3status. Problem solved.
b. Optimize qvm-ls. Not sure how hard it is.

This issue is really old (back from at least 3.2) and caused by each qvm-ls 
line relating to one request to qubesd. Actually it was even worse with 3.2.

It should improve with 4.1 though, see [1].

[1] https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/3293

c. Optimize qubes-i3status. I am not sure about the ideal way of doing
that, but clearly running qvm-ls --no-spinner --raw-data --fields
NAME,FLAGS just to compute the number of running qubes is far from optimal.
One could add --running. And maybe it could have been written without
flags. The script just ignores VMs with the first flag being “0” (maybe in
order to ignore dom0) and the second flag being “r” (probably not needed
with --running).

Filtering might work in the meantime, yes.


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