BTW, I've started the reimplementation of qubes-i3status as a Python 
wrapper around i3status. I am trying to be quite conservative – in the 
default settings, there should be no visible difference except CPU load, 
periodic freezes and bug fixes (battery status).

* Some indicators (battery, load and time) are already present, they just 
need some adjustments of the format in order to be a drop-in replacement.
* Disk status was easy to implement. I just need to verify that it can 
properly handle the change of default pool.
* Running qubes: I need to study the events deeper…
* NetVM status – currently, it is disabled and discouraged. I might decide 
to reimplement this, but I am not 100% sure right now.

Vít Šesták 'v6ak'

On Friday, January 15, 2021 at 5:40:38 PM UTC+1 David Hobach wrote:

> Hi Vit,
> > * I have many VMs in my computer.
> > * I use i3 with qubes-i3status
> > * The script qubes-i3status calls command qvm-ls --no-spinner --raw-data
> > --fields NAME,FLAGS quite frequently.
> > * The command qvm-ls --no-spinner --raw-data --fields NAME,FLAGS seems to
> > cause high CPU load. Unfortunately, the process that shows the high CPU
> > usage is qubesd, not qvm-ls.
> > 
> > What can be improved:
> > 
> > a. Don't use qubes-i3status. Problem solved.
> > b. Optimize qvm-ls. Not sure how hard it is.
> This issue is really old (back from at least 3.2) and caused by each 
> qvm-ls line relating to one request to qubesd. Actually it was even worse 
> with 3.2.
> It should improve with 4.1 though, see [1].
> [1]
> > c. Optimize qubes-i3status. I am not sure about the ideal way of doing
> > that, but clearly running qvm-ls --no-spinner --raw-data --fields
> > NAME,FLAGS just to compute the number of running qubes is far from 
> optimal.
> > One could add --running. And maybe it could have been written without
> > flags. The script just ignores VMs with the first flag being “0” (maybe 
> in
> > order to ignore dom0) and the second flag being “r” (probably not needed
> > with --running).
> Filtering might work in the meantime, yes.
> BR
> David

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