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> I think your dell has different wifi and I think audio.   The wifi driver 
> for the xps 9310 is iwlwifi.   Here is some firmware info:  
> https://support.killernetworking.com/knowledge-base/killer-ax1650-in-debian-ubuntu-16-04/
> and here is some qubes specific info on your wifi driver:  
> https://github.com/QubesOS/qubes-issues/issues/5615

Alas, no, I really have the AX500. The AX1650 is waay much more well 
behaved and it is the one that is usually shipped on XPS developer edition. 
Unfortunately XPS developer edition does not have a 32GB RAM option, which 
was absolutely needed for me, being Qubes unbelievably ram hungry. So I was 
forced to purchase the model with the Killer AX500 T_T

> I think the audio is different too, as the xps 9700 needs the 5.10 kernel 
> to work, but the base-config patch above does enable 
> CONFIG_SND_SOC_SOF_INTEL_SOUNDWIRE which I think you need too.
> To patch the kernel you must build it from source with qubes-builder 
> https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/qubes-builder/.   First configure it.  Then 
> change kernel to master branch in builer.conf.    after the "make 
> get-sources"  is when you would patch with config-base in 
> qubes-builder/qubes-src/linux-kernel.

The sad thing is that audio worked perfectly on kernel 5.4... I'll try to 
give a look to this by the end of the week, when I'll have a bit less work 
to do  :)

> fedora 33 5.10 kernel supports much more devices and audio works in the 
> upstream fedora on both the 9700 and 9310 dells.  I'll see if I can get a 
> patch into qubes the upstream kernel modules which fedora has added or at 
> the minimum the SOF stuff in the patch.   Then all our audio will just work 
> with qubes.

That would be a wonderful, wonderful thing. In the meantime I'll try to 
learn how to compile my own kernels, my pc also tends to heat quite a lot 
and I suspect that a taylored kernel could make my overall experience 
better, correct me if I'm wrong... :)

About awokd suggestions: I tried to install 4.1 but the installer doesn't 
boot on my machine. Also, I've always been very unlucky with Qubes backups 
(traditionally I do them and they never work on restore), so I'd gladly 
avoid having to reinstall everything right now...

> On Sat, Feb 6, 2021 at 11:34 AM Fabrizio Romano Genovese <
> fabr...@statebox.io> wrote:
>> I installed qubes on a Dell XPS9310. I was using kernel 5.4.90 and sound 
>> was working, but wi-fi did not. So I upgraded to kernel 5.10.13 and now I 
>> have both wifi and sound not working :D 
>> It seems that the sound issues are due to a problem with driver 
>> sof-audio-pci.
>> In this thread: https://groups.google.com/g/qubes-users/c/Fa65-e8vqdM it 
>> turns out another user was having a similar problem with a dell 9700, which 
>> was apparently solved. Indeed in the thread it is said: 
>> Audio works (with kernel 5.10 and attached kernel base-config patch  + 
>> latest 1.6.1 sof-bin firmware https://github.com/thesofproject/sof-bin 
>> and alsa-ucm-config files.   see 
>> https://blog.fts.scot/2020/07/04/dell-xps-2020-how-to-get-audio-working-on-linux/
>> for alsa ucm config ).
>> Unfortunately, I am not technically skilled enough to really understand 
>> the fix. Does it mean that I have to download kernel 5.10 (from were?), 
>> apply the patch provided in the thread (how?), include firmware and config 
>> files (how?) and then compile and install?
>> As you can see I don't really have a specific question, and I'm more in 
>> search of a few clarifications to understand how to apply an apparently 
>> already available solution. :)
>> Fab
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