When I verify my backups, it happens ~instantaneously. It used to take
hours, because it would extract every VM backup and verify it. Judging
by the logs, it's only verifying dom0.

Unless something has changed with how Qubes verifies its backups, there
may be a bug that causes verification to only check dom0, rather than
verifying the AppVMs as well.

This is really bad, because what I care about is the data in the
AppVMs... being able to restore the AppVMs is more important than being
able to restore dom0!

Here's how I back up:
nice qvm-backup \
        --verbose \
        --passphrase-file $PASSFILE \
        --exclude $IGNORE_VM \
        --dest-vm $DEST_VM \
        --compress \
        --yes \

And here's how I restore:
qvm-backup-restore \
        --dest-vm $DEST_VM \
        --passphrase-file $PASSFILE \
        --verify-only \
        --verbose \

When it starts restoring, it shows that none of my VMs will be restored,
except for dom0:
The following VMs are included in the backup:

                   name |         type |          template |           netvm |  
label |
                   dom0 |      AdminVM |               n/a |       (default) |  
black |
                   myvm | StandaloneVM |               n/a | my-net-vm-xxxxx | 
orange | <-- Excluded from restore
    my-other-vm-xxxxxxx |        AppVM |         debian-10 |       (default) |   
blue | <-- Excluded from restore
          another-vm-xx |        AppVM |         fedora-33 |       (default) |  
green | <-- Excluded from restore
          [... continuing for the list of all VMs ...]

And in fact only dom0 gets verified, the others seem to be ignored.

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