On 8/26/21 6:17 AM, tetrahedra via qubes-users wrote:
On Wed, Aug 25, 2021 at 07:31:33AM -0700, Andrew David Wong wrote:
And in fact only dom0 gets verified, the others seem to be ignored.

I cannot seem to reproduce this. My verify-only attempts also verify domUs. I'm using the same qvm-backup-restore command, just without `--verbose`.

That's very strange. Are restore settings stored anywhere on the local
machine, like how VMs can have an "exclude from backups" option?

It's possible to create "backup profiles," but I haven't personally used them, so I'm not familiar with the details of how they work. This option is mentioned in the `--help` text for qvm-backup but not qvm-backup-restore.

Andrew David Wong
Community Manager
The Qubes OS Project

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