'awokd' via qubes-users wrote:

And that is it. When I run update from CLI I get this,

"Error Summary
Disk Requirements:
    At least 33MB more space needed on the /boot filesystem."

Is that normal behavior? The disk /boot lives on is not full, the complaint is with /boot specific.

What does "df -h" say about /boot? If it's full and you've been updating the system for a while, check for old EFI images that haven't been cleaned up.

df -h shows /boot is full, 100% used.

I am not sure how to fix this, can you please give me advice?

Looking at ls -l for /boot I can see a lot of old images, but I guess that is because I have set my system to keep 15 kernels. However, I have been on the 5.xxx kernel now since it was launched so I can safely remove the 4.xxxx kernels. How does one clean this up properly. If I just delete the files from /boot the system may still think they are there, is there a built-in process/procedure to follow for this?

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